How to Get Over the Monday Morning Blues

Monday is generally regarded as the worst day of the week. The weekend has come and gone much too quickly and once again you find yourself dragging you-know-what. The truth is, that Mondays have the potential to make or break your entire week. Here are five tips to help you get over the Monday morning blues:

Need productivity tips to get over the Monday AM blues? These productivity tips are easy to follow to keep you motivated.

Start prepping from Sunday

I know the last thing you want to be thinking about on Sunday Funday is work the next day. However, by allocating even 30 minutes on Sunday to write your weekly to-do list, choose your outfit and prep your lunch, half the battle is already won. Be sure to check out my previous blog post to learn how to get more organized with your daily routine. 

Break up with the snooze button 

A few years ago, I read that people who hit the snooze button mess up their brain hormones. Sounds pretty serious, right? Well, the point is that with snoozing, the more you do it, the more you crave it. When you snooze a lot it makes you feel groggy for a few hours after you eventually get up for the day. Wouldn't you rather feel refreshed and invigorated to tackle a brand new week? Try giving up snoozing and see how you feel!

Get some endorphins in

Committing to a Monday workout might be tough but don't discount the many benefits. According to the Daily Burn, by working out on a Monday, you'll be more likely to workout for the rest of the week, smile more, reduce anxiety, kick start self-control, increase brain power and possibly earn more money. Bet you never thought about that last one before!

Treat yo'self

Don't wait until Friday to reward yourself for a job well done. Giving yourself something to look forward to at the beginning of the week, can make your Mondays a whole lot brighter. Your treat could be as simple as a Starbucks latte on a Monday afternoon, says Alli from

Change the way you look at life

Don't view Monday as the worst day of the week. Instead approach it as the best one; a clean slate if you will. I also recommend waking up with a grateful heart. Remember, every day above ground is a good one and we each have the power to chart the course we wish to take in life. 

Did you find these tips useful? Let me know in the comments below!