May Online Income Report and June Goals

2017 is certainly flying by and May has been the busiest month for me so far! Blogging had to take a bit of a back seat for a few weeks this month but that's okay. I still learned a ton during my third full month as a part-time blogger and have refocused my goals for June. I couldn't be more excited to provide some higher quality content for my readers. 

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Traffic: 12,072 v. 15,000 in April. At first I was a bit disappointed but then I realized that I had 2 whole weeks where I literally did zero work on the blog (despite my best intentions)! Also, as mentioned in my last update, it isn't just about traffic but more importantly the value that I am providing. In my opinion, it's better to have fewer readers who are engaged and loyal than the opposite. 

May Blogging Traffic

Top Posts in May:

  1. 21 Ways We Saved in 2016 comes in as number 1 yet again which is awesome!! But I realized that this post drives more than 50% of my traffic which means its time to replicate this success with other posts! 
  2. How One Couple Paid Off Their Mortgage Before 30 
  3. April Online Income Report and May Goals


In May, I didn't get to join or promote any new affiliate programs. But that has already improved for June since I joined the Awin program. Can't wait to share my results. 

Freshbooks: $5
If you're a side hustler like me, then you'll want to make beautiful and professional looking invoices using Freshbooks. In addition, this service allows you to accept credit card payments online plus keep a track of your income and expenses which will be a big help come tax time. So far, I've been enjoying the free 30-day trial and you can too by clicking below.

LendEDU: $30
This is the only student loan refinancing platform that I recommend to my readers, many of whom struggle with student loan debt. LendEDU is like the Kayak of student loan refinancing that lets you compare the lowest interest rate from 12 respected lenders. You can use this link to complete a FREE 3-minute questionnaire to get started. It doesn't hurt your credit! 

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing $78.80
This is the course I took which taught me everything there is to know about making money blogging! I highly recommend it if you want a step-by-step guide on how to get started. In my case, it was very overwhelming trying to navigate everything there is to know about monetizing your blog and this course was extremely helpful! Simply follow this link to sign up for the course.

Total Blogging Income: 113.80


  • BoardBooster: $10 I used BoardBooster to automatically schedule my pins to the group boards I'm a part of.
  • Tailwind: $15 to schedule other people's content on Pinterest. 
  • BossLatina: $12 month-to-month photo subscription. 
  • Pinteresting Strategies ebook: $32 can't wait to share the results of what I learned in the June update. HINT: I'm now trying out manually pinning instead of scheduling using the above mentioned tools.

Net Income: $27.80

A lot less than April's! But again, that's okay. I understand that this is a process and that it takes time to build up! Super excited to see what June holds for the blog and side income :)



As suspected, I wasn't able to add any new freelance writing clients in May and probably won't be able to until after the summer based on my work schedule. 

  • Freelance writing earnings: $283.34
  • Proofreading earnings: $47

Total Freelancing Writing Income: $330.34


Are you using Grammarly yet to proofread your articles before submitting them to your clients? I've been using this tool since 2015 (at my day job) and of course, now for freelance writing clients as well as the blog. You can download the app for FREE by clicking the banner below. 

Instant Grammar Checker - Correct all grammar errors and enhance your writing.

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Total Online Income for May: $363.14 WOOT WOOT!! Not too shabby considering the amount of time I invested.


If you're reading this and your income also declined this month, or, perhaps, you've been blogging for a while and haven't earned anything yet, I want to encourage both of us to remain encouraged! The blogging game is a marathon not a sprint. It requires consistent effort, energy and patience! These are my specific next steps to earn $500 in blogging income in June:

  • Join and promote 2 additional affiliate programs in June.
  • Create a budgeting checklist to grow my subscriber list. 
  • Publish new posts once per week only. When I just started out, I was publishing 2-3 posts per week, which left little time to focus on actually promoting them, yikes! One post per week will be much more manageable.
  • Finish re-doing all my Pinterest images and implementing the tips I learned in the ebook mentioned above, I'm almost there and LOVING my new clean look.

I can't wait to report back to ya'll in a month to update you on my progress. 

How did you do with your side hustle goals in May? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.