June Online Income Report and July Goals

I have no clue where the time goes these days -- but I guess, as they say, time flies when you're having fun! That said, I'm so excited to share my monthly online report and all I have learned. It's definitely paying off to work smarter not harder. 

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Learn how to earn money online working part-time as a blogger and freelance writer.

Freelance writing 

Things went really well for my freelance writing biz in June!

I earned $550 including a $25 bonus for delivering a 12-hour turnaround time on one of these pieces. That was definitely a nice challenge! I earned $100 per 1,000 most of these (I've worked with this client for quite some time) and $150 per 1,000 words for one of them (which is my current rate).

I also earned $42.22 (after PayPal fees) from proofreading services.

Freelance Writing Net Income: $592.22 (Almost $100 more than my goal of $500 for the month #winning)!!!!

I did not add any new clients or lose any clients during the month and that's fine by me. I'm completely booked solid scheduling wise with working full-time, blogging and being a wife.

If you're new to my blog and wondering how I landed these clients, then I've got two words for you: cold pitching. I have not had much success (nor have I spent much time) bidding on job boards like Problogger, though I know of others who have. Of course, there's a lot more to being able to earn $600 a month in side income than just these two words. So if you'd like to know more then please download my FREE ebook!



And now, on to the blogging biz! I'll be honest, I was super disappointed that I didn't hit $500 in income this month which I was expecting based on the stellar results I saw during the first two weeks of the month. However, I'm still proud of my accomplishments because I've finally started to promote other affiliate programs in order to diversify my earnings.

Blogging Income in June:

Total Blogging Income: $325 (Less than my goal of $500 but, compared to last month's income of $113.80, I'll take it)!

Blogging Expenses in June:

My expenses were a lot less than normal this month which is awesome.

  • Strategies Worth Sharing (Facebook ebook): $20 Love this book! 70+ pages of actionable advice, no fluff. 
  • Canceled Tailwind and BoardBooster!!! More on this soon.

Blogging Net Income: $305


Total Online Income for June: $805

Blogging strategy

Now to give some more explanation on my blogging strategy. I feel like this is an aspect missing from many income reports (including my past updates).

I believe the recipe for success requires 3 key ingredients:


Let's dive into each of these areas.


One of the big takeaways I learned from the course Pinteresting Strategies (the BEST investment I made in May) is that if you want to blog for income, you have to give the people what they want. Recognizing this, I have started to focus primarily on listicles because 21 ways saved in 2016 continues to be my best performing post so far!

*I now have another post that's starting to do well called 11 ways to save on groceries. Initially, this post was called "how to save money on groceries without eating like crap" and I had about 5 tips listed. The post wasn't really performing well, so I figured it was time for a content upgrade. I added 6 more tips, a punchier title and a better pin and the results have been good so far. I can't wait to see what happens by the end of July.


I am so in love with Pinterest!!!! But things have changed in terms of execution. As you'll note above I have broken up with BoardBooster because my traffic peaked. I decided to check out Carly's (from Mommy on Purpose's) ebook after reading some excellent reviews.

I'm pleased to say that manual pinning has been a game changer for me, ya'll! 

I had my highest traffic EVER. 

In June I had almost 21,000 page views compared to 12,000 views in May.

Even if you don't have the time to pin manually (it requires 30-60 minutes time commitment each day), I highly recommend this ebook. Using the tips I learned, I redid all my pins and went from a few dozen repins using BoardBooster to one pin having over 1k repins in 2 weeks (woot, woot)!

Blogging education is sooo important you guys. I just don't have the time to spend researching and figuring these things out on my own and I've recognized the value in investing in these tools. 

At only $32, this ebook is a STEAL. 

You can grab your copy using my link. 

*UPDATE: From now until August 14th, this ebook is on sale. You can use my code MOP15 to take 15% off Pinteresting Strategies!


Once my traffic started growing in June, I realized I needed to retake the affiliate marketing course I did in March to make sure that my strategy was the best it could be. Sure enough, there were soooo many things I was missing. Unfortunately, affiliate marketing isn't as simple as adding a banner in the middle of your article, you really have to carefully craft a call to action that will entice people to click on your link. You also want to build trust and ensure that you aren't being too pushy.

I am so glad I invested in this course, because it has saved me so much time in terms of figuring out the ins and outs of monetizing my blog. I also love that the course instructor offers lifetime access so I can always refer to it as often as needed. At $200, it is pricey but I paid for it in 2 installments. Plus I enjoyed it so much that I became an affilaiate and have earned my money back and then some.

You can sign up for the course right now using this link.

Goals for July

The biggest goal is to stick to my new schedule for blogging which essentially involves time blocking. Before creating this schedule, I found that I would often get carried away working on certain blogging tasks that shouldn't be taking so long. By the end of the month, I created a schedule that works well for me to juggle work-work, freelance writing and blog work.

Sell my first e-book. You guys, this is a very ambitious goal seeing as though we're almost into the double digits of July and it also happens to be my birthday this month. However, I've been receiving so many questions on freelance writing that I want to add even more content to my free ebook on how to grow and maintain your freelance writing business e.g. how do you handle payments, how do you handle rejection, etc and turn this into a full-blown, high-value but affordbale product.

Total Online Income Goal: $500 blogging and $500 writing. I've got this!


Now I'd like to hear from you! How did you do with your June side hustle goals? Let me know in the comments below.