April Online Income Report & May Goals

April 2017 marks my second full month of blogging and my first time making an income from my website. I am absolutely loving being a part-time blogger. It's a lot harder and way more time-consuming than I imagined, but 100% rewarding. I have also been able to expand my freelance writing as a direct result of my blog.

This post may contain affiliate links which help keep this blog alive and running. Please see my disclosure policy for more information. 

Why DID I start a blog?

  • To help others with their personal finance, career and general life goals.
  • To stay accountable on my own journey.
  • To earn some side income.
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April blogging income

For April 2017, I earned $341.60 which is super exciting. Here's the breakdown based on affiliate relationships below.

  • BossLatina: $0
    This is a stock photo subscription site that the majority of my images come from. I highly recommend getting a subscription if you want to have consistently beautiful images for your blog. You'll see that the bulk of my images for my blog and Pinterest are from BossLatina. I am also a "Posh Stock member" and chose the month-to-monthsubscription which can be cancelled at any time. If you'd like to subscribe to BossLatina to get these beautiful images, then visit BossLatina.com.
  • Chime: $0
    I love, love, love being a partner of Chime! I started working with them right before my blog launch and really resonate with what they stand for. One of the best things about this bank account is that there are zero hidden fees. That's right...say goodbye to monthly minimums or fees, no overdraft fees, and ATMs are fee-free at over 24,000 MoneyPass locations. On top of this, if you make the switch to Chime using this exclusive link for KimGaleta.com readers, you'll receive $5, no strings attached.
  • Freshbooks: $0
    I have just started to do my research on this one and will have a review up in a couple of weeks. I was a bit disappointed that they no longer have the partnership with Paypal. However, I think it's awesome that you can accept credit card payments through their service. If you'd like to learn more about the Freshbooks affiliate program, then visit this link.
  • Google Adsense: $0
    I still need to invest some time to learn more about Google Adsense. So far, I have made maybe $2 but they don't pay out until you earn your first $100.
  • LendEDU: $60.00
    I love this company and their affiliate program. In a nutshell, they are like the Kayak of student loan refinancing that allows you to search for options to refinance your student loans. The best part is that the service is 100% free and does not hurt your credit score. If you're feeling burdened with your student debt and want to know how you can potentially save thousands of dollars by lowering your interest rate, then fill out their 3-minute questionnaire. In terms of the affiliate program, I've been promoting this one by:
    • Creating a dedicated post on student loans.
    • Inserting the link in 5 other relevant posts about debt.
  • Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing: $281.60
    This is the course that taught me everything there is to know about affiliate marketing for bloggers. If you're interested in learning how to monetize your blog, then I'd definitely recommend investing in this course. I paid for the course in 2 installments which helped me to fit into my budget a bit better. Although I finished reading through the course in March, I am still constantly referring to it and implementing many of the techniques that are discussed in it. It's a good thing that it's self-paced and comes with lifetime access. I have not done a dedicated post about this course as yet, but have included in throughout relevant sections of my website. Here is the link to the course

A note on affiliate marketing 

I do NOT want to be pushy, sales-y or obnoxious when it comes to affiliate marketing and will only promote products or services that I have personally tried or thoroughly researched. As you can see from the list above, I have only signed up for a few programs and have taken my time with each one. 

April blogging expenses 

In order to make money, you do have to invest in your blog! Some of these are one-time expenses and others are monthly recurring ones.

  • Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing - $105 (second and final installment). 
  • Tailwind - $0 I had a credit for the first month, yay! This is a scheduling app for Pinterest.  
  • BoardBooster: $5 (note I have now upgraded to their $10 plan) because BB is everything when it comes to ensuring your pins are getting automatically pinned to your group boards on Pinterest. 
  • P.O. Box: $31 In order to have a email list through MailChimp you have to provide a mailing address. I preferred to get a P.O. Box for this purpose.
  • Boss Latina: $12 this is the styled stock photo subscription I mentioned above.

Free resources for new bloggers

How to Start a Blog by Making Sense of Cents

10 Day Email Course by My Debt Epiphany

Free Blogging Course by Jeff Goins


Net blogging income  


Blogging Accomplishments 

My page views more than tripled, woot woot!

Page views for April far exceeded my expectations coming in at 15,000 up from 4,970 in March. Wowza! I was hoping for 10,000 views for my second full month of blogging and so I was completely blown away by this accomplishment!

*The pages/session and average session duration declined. However, it's still good to see that people visited more than 2 pages per session.

Top 3 blog posts for April 2017:

Other KimGaleta.com blog posts published in April 2017:

A special shout out to the following amazing people for participating on my Blog during April: Thrifting and ThrivingYoungAdultSurvivalGuide.comAlyandBee.comLarissa Palu and How She Happened.

I also had some excellent guest posting opportunities last month. 

I released my first free ebook on freelance writing!

I recently learned that you need an opt-in if you want people to provide their email address to you. So, with the month coming to an end, I got it together and wrote my first ebook a few days ago, yay! You can grab your FREE copy of my ebook which details how I landed 2 new clients in March to add an extra $450 in freelance writing income per month, woot! 

A special note on Pinterest. 

I'd like to wrap up this segment with a special mention for Pinterest because it is the reason behind my huge growth in traffic! As you'll see, I'm not an expert but I've been able to turn my Pinterest into a traffic driving machine and the results have paid off. Over 80% of my traffic comes from pinterest now and is THE main reason for my blog traffic growing as much as I did in April. You can check out my Pinterest strategy here

In April, I also created my own Pinterest Group Board: Lifestyle Bloggers Rule. If you'd like to join, then please send an email to kim@kimgaleta.com with your Pinterest URL.

Freelance writing INCOME

I'm very excited about freelance writing and expanding this side hustle business. In April, I wrote 5 articles for my freelance clients for which I earned $650. You can learn how I gained 2 new writing clients in my ebook which you can grab for free if you sign up for my newsletter

Between blog posts on KimGaleta.com, guest posts and freelance writing, that's 19 articles published in April!! 

I also offered proofreading services for the first time this month and earned $60 proofreading an ebook for a fellow blogger. I haven't done much to market myself as a proofreader as yet. I simply reached out to a blogger who I felt could benefit from my services and we figured out an agreement. After PayPal fees, I took home $57.06.

If you're interested in having me proofread your blog posts, ebooks, etc. then please feel free to reach out!


Total online income for April 



Ahhhhh goals. At the beginning of May, I'll be traveling for a week for work and then visiting my family for a few days. That said, I am working hard to ensure I don't neglect my blog and getting together content in advance. It's super important to me that everything I publish is both resourceful and actionable! 

Traffic goal: 30,000 views

Email subbies goal: 100

Social media goals: I would like to join 10 more Pinterest group boards and redo my Pinterest board covers. 

Blogging income goal: $500 This will require me to invest some time in creating a strategy for the affiliate programs listed above that I haven't earned an income from as yet.

Freelance writing income goal: $600 Given my hectic schedule, I don't think I'll be able to add any new clients this month.

I also don't want to get too obsessed with numbers. In my opinion, the recipe for success comes from being strategic and consistent while sharing your passion. Once you have these pieces, I believe the hard work will eventually pay off. 

I'm so very excited to see what the future holds as far as my blog goes. I'm really enjoying this amazing opportunity in front of me and am so glad I finally put myself out there. I've met the most wonderful people along this journey who are encouraging, supportive and helpful...and this has been the best part by far. 

With that, I think I'll go ahead wrap up this (long) update. Thanks for sticking with me and I hope you enjoyed this report. Let me know in the comments below!