21 Ways We Saved in 2016

So many people have set a goal to take control of their finances in 2017, pay down debt and start building wealth. My husband and I have been on a similar journey! In two years, we have paid off $45,000 in debt and cash flowed a new (to us) truck. 

How did we do this? It has not been easy. It has taken a lot of hard work, compromise and sacrifice. But, it has been extremely worth it. Paying off debt has helped us move closer toward financial freedom and given us peace of mind. We are no longer living paycheck to paycheck (despite earning above the median income of our town) and are much happier now living well below our means!

In this post, I'll be looking at 21 big ways we were able to save last year! 

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  1. Started shopping at the Dollar Tree for household cleaning products. I was really surprised at the quality of some of the items. 
  2. Ate meals at home instead of eating out at fancy restaurants saving $500 per month.

  3. Started shopping at Aldi, slashing our grocery bill in half.

  4. Regular spending freezes a la Jordan Page from FunCheaporFree.com helped us to gain better control over our finances. During spending freezes, we only spent on absolute necessities like paying our bills, gas and fresh produce. We did not spend any money on entertainment during these weeks and ate what was in our pantry and deep freezer. 
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  5. Stopped getting my nails done every other week. I didn’t even realize that I was spending $300 per month just for this service when you include tips.

  6. Drastically cut back our clothing budget. Neither of us bought new shoes in 2016. I ended up adding the shoes I liked to my Amazon wish list throughout the year and received a few pairs for Christmas from my family (#winning)!

  7. Cut my husband's expenditure on baseball cards which added up to about $200 per month. 

  8. Canceled my gym membership of $180 per month. We now have equipment in the basement and do our workouts at home.

  9. Read free ebooks. Bookbub sends me daily recommendations for free ebooks based on my preferred genres. 

  10. We skipped our annual international vacation valued at about $3,000.


  11. We were able to save close to $100 by negotiating our cable and internet bill although we had to give up a few channels. 

  12. Canceled subscriptions we weren't using such Kindle Unlimited (I didn't even know what this was) and Sirius Radio.

  13. We waited until July 1 before turning on the AC. This was a tough one!

  14. On the flip side, when it got cooler we used extra blankets before cranking up the heat. 

  15. Only ran major appliances like the washing machine or dryer during off-peak times. 

  16. Went down to 1 car for 6 months saving about $600 per month.

  17. We reduced our data plan to trim $20 per month.

  18. We bought used where we could at garage sales and/or via our town's online community Facebook page.

  19. When we did have to shop online for things like contact lenses, we made sure to use Ebates to earn cash back every time. I just got a check for $22 for last quarter's online spending. It might not seem like much but every small amount adds up. Join for free today and you can get a $10 cashback bonus as soon as you make a qualifying purchase in 90 days.


  20. I've saved the best tip for last! At the beginning of 2016, I realized that on one credit card alone we were paying $100 a month in interest. The fine print on our monthly statement said that at the rate we were paying, it would take us 6 years to pay off $10,000. That was the wake-up call we needed to get rid of our consumer debt once and for all. We started a debt snowball (listing our debts from smallest to largest) and started knocking them off. We were credit card debt free in less than six months!

  21. We also refinanced our mortgage saving $600 per month. It took us 3 months to close on the refinance and lots of work but it was totally worth it.

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Overall, we were able to trim our monthly spending from close to $8,000 per month down to about $4,000. This year, we will be continuing to look for new ways to save toward our goals! 


What are some of the ways that you have saved money lately and what's your why? I'd love to hear from you!