10 Ways to Save on Back to School Supplies

School time is upon us, AGAIN. Shopping, planning and prepping. What a joy!!! Money slips through your fingers like water. Kids need 1 of everything. Not just at the beginning of the school year but also throughout. Spending money never ends. Kim and I have teamed up to bring all you "shopping stressed" parents, 10 ways to save on back-to-school supplies. Enjoy my tips and advice and please visit me at PracticallySave.com for more "Practical Saving Advice."

Looking for ways to save on back to school supplies? Look no further! Here are 10 money saving tips to get you through the school year!


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Start to Shop Early

Retailers start back-to-school sales come the first of July. A lot of parents will miss out on amazing deals by waiting to shop last minute. Staples, Kroger and Rite-Aid have school supplies below $1. So the saying stands true, “the early bird gets the worm.”

Wait until school is back in session to purchase the entire supply list

School is back in session and the kiddies arrive home with another list. Being on the lookout for additional requests for supplies from teachers is a great way to save. Back-to-school supplies will be marked down to clearance pricing by most retailers and you are able to shop for a fraction of the price.

SCOUR weekly-ads/circulars

Local stores and retailers publish new circulars every week. Making sure you know what is on sale for that particular week, is key to maximizing savings. Use the app Flipp to have all your local circulars at your fingertips.

Shop Back-To-School Clearance

Once the rush for school shopping has died down, ITEMS GET MARKED DOWN AND I MEAN WAY DOWN. Target is my favorite place to shop clearance because it has a markdown schedule, as low as 90% off. So keep your eyes open for merchants marking down supplies a week or two after school is back in session. They want to get rid of back-to-school merchandise by practically giving it away for free.

Price Match

A little known fact is that you can price match pretty much, ANYTHING. Target, Staples and Office Depot/Office Max will gladly price match items. So take advantage when shopping for all supplies. Remember: Use the app Flipp to have all your local circulars at your fingertips.

Buy Extra to store for year round

Your littles ones will need supplies, again throughout the year. With sales from all major retailers competing for your business, stocking up will be the best option to save money over time.

Dollar Tree is great, but not always the lowest price

With school shopping on the horizon, checking weekly ads for the lowest prices is key. Everything being a dollar is FAB, but items being under $1 are EVEN BETTER. So take some time to see what other merchants are offering. 

Use Coupons

Couponing is not for everyone, I understand. But if you do like extra savings on already discounted items, use your coupons and retail specific mobile apps like Target’s Cartwheel. Many do not know that you are able to apply coupons to sale and clearance items. For more resources check out:

Shop the Tax-Free Weekend

Right before school starts, most states will offer a tax-free weekend. There are certain restrictions on items that are considered “tax-free” but not having to pay taxes, can really add up. See this resource for more information on finding the tax-free weekend in your area! 

Don't forget CASH BACK APPS

If you are shopping online for any of your back-to-school needs, then be sure to sign up for Ebates which offers cash back on specific purchases. 

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You can also use Ibotta, for cash back on items from your favorite stores by uploading your receipt.

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And this is where "Practically Save" was born. I will teach you to save money with little time and effort. You have to be a consumer, of some sort; so why not be practical with your spending? Being a single mother of 2 with one income, I have to make financially sound desicions, YOU CAN TOO. No matter how many incomes 1,2, or 3.

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