Best Affiliate Programs for Personal Finance Bloggers in 2018 

Are you a personal finance blogger who wants to make some extra cash from their website this year?

First of all, let me reassure that there's nothing wrong with wanting to generate revenue from your long as you're doing it for the right reasons. In other words, ensuring that you are only promoting products or services that you either use personally or have thoroughly vetted. That being said, it can be difficult to find affiliate programs that are specific to personal finance. 

More often than not, many high-paying affiliate programs are geared toward learning how to make money from blogging. This is fine if the focus of your blog is, well, blogging (e.g. how to promote blog posts on social media, etc). However, I've realized that I wanted to get more closely aligned with programs that focus on money management or making extra moolah through tools outside of just how to earn money blogging about blogging. Because helping people with their personal finance goals is where my passion lies!

That's why I've decided to put together this list for you of my favorite affiliate programs for personal finance bloggers in 2018:

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For several months in 2017, I could rely on this affiliate program to provide me with $150-$180 per month of extra moolah. That was until they changed their commission structure (eek!). Instead of paying out $15 per lead (anyone who completed their free, no obligation questionnaire), they started paying $300 for each fully funded loan making it harder to get conversions. I hadn't been doing much blog promo in general since they changed their structure but was excited to see 1 approved loan for January and look forward to that check!

To sign up to be a LendEDU affiliate click here.


When a referral uses this grocery cash back app, they'll get $10 and you'll get $5!

New to Ibotta? Sign up and enjoy for yourself!


I'd been promoting this one for a LONG time and had several people sign up using my referral link but no conversions until recently (I'm guessing the holiday season had a lot to do with that).

Ebates has different referral bonuses from time to time. Right now, they're offering $15 per qualifying referral. This means that for anyone who joins Ebates through your referral link and makes a $25 purchase, you'll get $15 and they'll get $10!

Use this link to join Ebates

Your Sunny Money Method

Created by Sami Womack, a wife and mom-of-3, this course is helpful regardless of where you are on your journey to financial freedom. For me, it has served as an excellent refresher to take another look back at my finances in 2018! Sami also offers lots of accountability and regular check ins for course participants. The course is $67 and pays a 40% commission.

BONUS: Enjoy a $10 off coupon if you sign up using this link

P.S. You don't need to be a blogger to promote Ebates, Ibotta or Your Sunny Method but all are excellent tools that you might already be using! Can't hurt to make a little extra $$$ by telling your nearest and dearest about them!

How to be successful at affiliate marketing

Unfortunately, affiliate marketing isn't as simple as throwing a couple of affiliate links into your posts. 

This is where I do think blogging courses* can come in handy if you are absolutely unsure where to start, though a lot of info can be found by investing the time to do some research yourself. In addition, don't be afraid to network and forge relationships with other bloggers. I've found some amazing friends in the personal finance blogging community who are always helpful! You can always email me too and I'd be happy to assist!

*I get a lot of questions on whether I still promote Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. And the honest answer is, it depends. If you are brand new to blogging and have never heard of affiliate marketing with limited time on your hands then the course will likely be very helpful. I've also found the private Facebook group offered by the course instructor to be an excellent resource. 


I hope you enjoyed this post on the best affiliate programs for personal finance bloggers in 2018! Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions!




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