kim galeta, mba

Welcome friends!

Two years ago, I started writing journal entries in my phone to document my personal journey toward financial freedom, career success and building the lifestyle of my dreams. I am so excited to share some of these stories with you in hopes that you might find inspiration to take your own leap of faith and realize your full potential.

Professional Background:

I received my MBA from the University of Florida in 2013 and have worked for The Borgen Project since 2015. I absolutely love my day job because I get the chance to work with folks from different backgrounds who share a common goal -- the desire to help the world's poor. I also assist with content management, such as editing our online publications.

As mentioned above, I'm so pleased to add blogger to my repertoire of skills and achievements.

Becoming Debt Free:

My husband and I paid off $45,000 in consumer debt in the past two years and cash flowed a new (to us) truck. We have about $12,000 in debt remaining which we plan to get rid of in 2017. I will also be discussing some of our long term financial goals as we plan for the future.

Other Topics:

Look out for tips on getting organized and staying motivated. I also have a weekly segment called "How They Did It" where I'll be sharing the success stories of others who are crushing their goals.

Please feel free to send me your feedback or ask questions. I'm happy to help and look forward to learning from others as well.

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